Come join award-winning author Karen and Maria, her puppet, as they show you what it is like to be an author—every step of the way. From Karen’s first drafts all the way to her printed books. This is an interactive program filled with a slide show, a puppet, and even Karen’s mailbox.

But, watch out! Someone, and it may be you, will get picked by Maria to pull one of Karen’s rejection letters out of her mailbox, count how many days it takes Karen to write a book, or become a printing press.

Karen has performed a multitude of shows in schools and libraries around New Jersey. She was on the Ricki Lake Show and over 62 radio stations around the country. Review her teacher/librarian feedback.

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Articles and Interviews

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, students at Faber School in Dunellen were entertained by a virtual visit from Karen Rostoker-Gruber.

Rostoker-Gruber is an award-winning children’s book author, ventriloquist, and humorist. She shared with the school her newest book, “A Crowded Farmhouse Folktale.” The students enjoyed learning about the writing process and how she gets ideas for her books. Rostoker-Gruber also shared about how her first book was published. The students and staff enjoyed her visit and her puppet Maria visiting, too.

She told the students that ideas for stories can strike at any time, even 3 a.m. While sharing this she showed the note with her original idea for her current book. Rostoker-Gruber showed how an idea is developed into a book from her first handwritten draft to the many additions and then a manuscript. She took the time to show the editing process and how she has peer editors, just like the students. She then sends the manuscript out to children’s book publishers and waits patiently for an answer. Although she often gets rejection letters, she knows that some of her books will be printed.

Rostoker-Gruber shared that most of her book ideas come from real live experiences and then she researches about her idea. School Librarian Beth Willoughby said, “This was a great visit for the students and staff. Having an author share their story and then explain how she gets ideas and creates stories was inspiring for everyone.” In addition, seven students won an autographed copy of her new book.

~ Reported by Carolyn Sampson, Bridgewater Courier News, 11/13/2020