(All quotes are printed with permission)

“I wanted to tell you how comfortable you made me feel, like I have known you for longer than just a few hours. I also met several of the teachers after work and each and every one told me how thoroughly they enjoyed your presentation. The children all loved you and Maria. Apparently several of the students were trying their hand at ventriloquism! I know you inspired many and you explained the process of being a writer more effectively than anyone I have had in to speak!
So thank you and Maria for coming, it was truly a pleasure for all of us!”

Linda DeVries
Sanfordville Elementary School
Warwick, NY

” . . . I want to thank you for your wonderful workshops. The feedback from both teachers and students has been terrific. The students enjoyed the presentations and the teachers felt you were perfect for fostering the children’s writing.”

Diane Schlegel
Alexander Hamilton School
Glenrock, NJ

“Everyone gave you rave reviews. A few parents popped in this morning to let me know how many times they had to read Rooster last night and to let me hear their voices for each animal.

Thanks for working so hard to make the presentations very enjoyable, age-appropriate and informative. It was great meeting you!”

Betsy Kauffman
Clara E. Coleman School
Glenrock, NJ

“Thank you for a wonderful morning! Your presentations were excellent, and your finger was on the pulse of the students in each one.

Your phrases have already been repeated by my students: “Ooh! A story’s coming out!” and “Doesn’t count” will be part of our lingo now.

Your explanations of how the jobs of author, illustrator, and paper engineer relate were excellent and something I did not know. I’m sure everyone came away today with a real understanding of the importance of revision, as well as the importance of preseverance.

We look forward to your next book, and wish you all good things in your mailbox!”

Marcia Kaiser
Central School
Glen Rock, NJ

“I wanted to say thank you for visiting our 1st Graders this week! Every single 1st grade teacher has approached me and raved about how great they thought your presentation was. They felt that the children were captivated by your stories, and of course, Maria. Several teachers have also said their new favorite book is “Rooster Can’t…,” and will share it with their students for years to come!”

Sandy Ajamian
Orchard Hill Elementary School
Skillman, NJ

“I really enjoyed your performance. The first grade teachers loved the writing process info, and a couple of second grade teachers told me they appreciated how much you got the kids involved (volunteers). Of course, Maria stole the show for many of the kids, but that’s nothing to be jealous about. I personally loved the way you incorporated the publishing process, from rejection/acceptance letters to how a book cover comes together.”

Greg Slomczewski
Barley Sheaf Elementary School
Flemington, NJ

“Thank you so much for the wonderful day and a program to doodle doo about. Our students and teachers are still talking about your performance and how much they learned from you about book publishing. Everyone enjoyed Maria.

You also should know I have had many calls from parents and emails expressing how their children came home so excited about writing books. We have had twenty five children submit published books for our Book Award Program this year. This is all because of the enthusiasm you have generated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a program we will enjoy over and over again each time we read Rooster Can’t . . .”

Patricia Butler
Adamsville School
Bridgewater, NJ

“The kids were involved, enthusiastic and given the opportunity to illustrate one of Karen’s books. They had a great time as well as I did.”

Amy Roman
2nd grade teacher
Whiton Elementary School
Branchburg, NJ

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with the students of Campbell School on our Poetry Please Day! We heard favorable reports from the teachers that the children enjoyed your poetry and your animated presentation. The students loved meeting your puppet and learning about all the ups and downs of getting a book published! Meeting a published poet and seeing your book in print was a thrill for the students! That has inspired many of them to write more poetry too. We are enclosing a photo of the day for you. You truly helped to make the day an enriching experience for the students! We hope that you will come back again to share with the students and once again inspire them to write.”

Karen Repka
Sue Canter
Campbell School
Metuchen, NJ